Film 5

Creating a Two Point Perspective Grid for Sketching by Len Rye

This method of measured perspective is particularly useful for drawing interiors, for example the corner of a room. The film demonstrates how you can very quickly draw up a simple perspective grid in which to sketch an image. Practice of this technique is useful in helping you to learn how to ‘see’ perspective. As well as the step by step handout that you can download, you should read the handout on the basic principles of perspective drawing and have an understanding of these ideas BEFORE you watch the film.

Equipment and Materials:

  • Drawing board or table
  • Tracing paper, Layout or cartridge
  • Soft graphite pencil no less then 2B
  • Set square
  • Long ruler
  • Masking tape
  • Rubber
  • Large piece of foam board – for example A2 if you plan to work at A3
  • Large head ‘Bead Pins’ of the type used on notice boards

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