Pencils and Pixels: List of Films and Supporting Material

1. Keeping a Sketchbook by Pam Locker (Film)

2. Drawing from the Imagination by Doug Gittens (Film)

3. Drawing a Single Point Perspective Grid by Dick McConnell (Film)

4. Measured Single Point Perspective by Dick McConnell (Film)

5. Creating a Two-Point Perspective Grid for Sketching by Len Rye (Film)

6. Multiple Vanishing Points by Pam Locker (Film)

7. Drawing a Building in 2-Point Perspective by Pam Locker (Film)

8. Advanced 2-Point Perspective by Dick McConnell (Film)

9. Rendering with Markers by Doug Gittens (Film)

10. Rendering with Dry Markers by Len Rye (Film)

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