Film 3

Measured Single Point Perspective by Dick McConnell

This method of measured perspective is also called ‘Parallel Plane Perspective’ and is very useful for drawing interiors, exteriors and non-rectangular shapes. Make sure you have read the handout explaining the basic rules of perspective and have an understanding of these concepts BEFORE you watch this film. The film demonstrates how you can use a measured perspective technique to draw up a complete and detailed line drawn image that can be photocopied and rendered. Practice of this technique is useful in helping you to learn how to ‘see’ perspective. As well as step by step handouts that you can download, there are two completed images in pencil and colour that enable you to study the finished result.

Equipment and Materials:

  • Drawing board or table
  • Parallel motion or T-square
  • Scaled plan and section/elevations of the space you wish to draw
  • Grid plan and section/elevations to the same scale as you plan to draw your perspective grid
  • Tracing paper, Layout or cartridge
  • 0.5 Self propelling pencil (black and blue lead – blue will not show up on photocopies
  • Scale rule
  • Set square
  • Long ruler
  • Masking tape
  • Rubber

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