Film 10

Rendering with Dry Markers by Len Rye

Film in preparation.

In this film you are invited to render an interior space that can either be created by generating a wire frame perspective in the computer using 3D software, or by hand drawn measured perspective techniques. Rendering in mixed media gives a visual an individual hand drawn quality with a personality of its own. This gives you the opportunity to develop your own style of rendering that will give your visuals a different atmosphere and character to computer generated visuals. At the ‘pitching’ or start of a project visuals that are hand rendered are often appreciated by clients as their unfinished quality suggests there is still opportunity for dialogue.  Do not be afraid to experiment with different colours and media and celebrate ‘happy accidents’.

Equipment and Materials:

  • Photocopied image of line drawing
  • Drawing board or table
  • 60cm metal ruler
  • Pastels, water colour pencils, felt tips, markers, charcoal pencils
  • Rotary pencils
  • Set square
  • Long ruler
  • Masking tape
  • Rubber
  • Frisk Masking Film
  • Scalpel and blades
  • T-square
  • 6mm PVC Board
  • Push pins
  • Fixative or hairspray

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